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The Witch Taker

The Witch Taker

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There’s a witch in the woods.

Deep in the Redwood Forest, a monster of a man roams, poisoning the waterways, torturing Guardians, threatening old ladies, and snacking on family pets.

Well, that’s what Alba Cortez was led to believe.

Hired by an enterprising group of cattlemen, the young Witch Taker returns to his home on the north coast, facing down old ghosts and new dangers. He just wants to do his job and return to the uneasy comfort of life in San Francisco.

All Elijah Sanborn wants is peace.

Poisoned by magic and crushed by the Civil War, Elijah Sanborn was a vagabond. His wanderings led him to the magical sanctuary of the Redwood Forest, where he finally found a home. His peace is shattered by greedy timbermen who want his land, and will do anything to get it. Including bringing in a hired gun whose heart may be just as black as his eyes. Those damned, beautiful eyes.

With a magical pony and a pair of unruly coyote pups on his side, Elijah makes it his mission to teach the young lawman about the the sacred nature of the forest. But even Elijah isn’t prepared for the reality of falling in love with a Witch Taker.

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