About Belinda

By the time she hit the sixth grade, Belinda was pretty sure she wanted to be an author. Her first published piece was a news bit about Debby M. getting stuck on the top of the bookshelf in Room 6, and her subsequent rescue by her heroes, Pat and Brett. 

From there, it was a bit of a haul...school, kids, school again, play writing, poetry, a head injury and then a lot more school. Then in 2007 the Muse knocked at her door and Missing You was written, followed by Leather, Belle Starr, and An Uncommon Whore. 

Belinda doesn't always follow the rules, bouncing between genres, or mashing them together. But in romance, there is one rule that must be followed: Falling in Love Forever. After a long hiatus, Belinda realized a few of her couples were still waiting, and it was time to give them their happy endings. Whether it's werewolves in space, vampires with insomnia, or wayward gods...happiness will be part of the journey.


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