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The Tenth Muse

The Tenth Muse

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When a Legend Comes to Life.

He is divine, quite literally.

Eros is the God of love. He is the most beautiful man on Earth. He is wealthy and coveted by all who look upon his face. He’s the only god who can flaunt wings on national television, and not get caught.

Now he walks the human realm, searching endlessly for his one true love: Psyche.
The morning after he walks away from her, he finds me: Rees. A scholar. A teacher. A powerless muse on a mission to capture a god.

I’m commanded to return him to Olympus, to face the discipline of the Gods. Instead, Eros captures my heart. He sweeps me up into his world of fashion, money and A-list parties. He teaches me the pleasures of the flesh. He teaches me to love.

But I have secrets buried so deep, that I don’t even know what they are. Once Eros learns my secrets, there may be no future for us.

For me.

When I remember who I was, the world will also remember. And when I grieve once again, the world will be torn asunder.

Because I am far more than the Tenth Muse.

I am a Legend.

The Tenth Muse is a M/M retelling of Greek Mythology, intended for adult readers.

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