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Blacque/Bleu (Arcada #1) e-book

Blacque/Bleu (Arcada #1) e-book

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A dying vampire. A closeted werewolf. One needs the other to stay alive. One needs to learn what it means to live. 

At sunset on Friday, two enemies strike a bargain. Three nights. No strings attached. On Monday, Lukas Blacque will return to his pack and Oliver Bleu will continue to fight for his life.

That's where their story should end. But sometimes lust turns to something else. Two unlikely lovers will make a choice that risks everything. There will be no going back.

In Blacque's world, a gay werewolf is an impossibility. In Bleu's world, all living creatures are vessels for food. But in the magical town of Arcada, the one thing you can expect is the impossible.

If you like pierced, tattooed tough guys, tragic heroes and happy endings, you'll love Blacque/Bleu!

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